Prepared Neighbor

About Us

Picture of my family I believe that it is important to be prepared for any of life’s unexpected circumstances. To have the ability to protect my family during any emergency survival situation is what drives me to be prepared.  At first, the thought of long term preparation of any type was a bit overwhelming. Through our own preparation, I have learned what it takes to successfully put a plan of action together.    

I gained invaluable knowledge from my grandparents. When I was young, in the early ’60s, my parents and grandparents would put in a large garden every year and would “can” everything in preparation for the upcoming year. In addition, we did a lot of hunting and fishing to stock our freezers. To this day, my parents still can vegetables every year. I put in a garden every summer and I enjoy “canning” what my family and I don’t eat. 

I also learned valuable financial lessons. I watched as my grandparents made do with what they had and still, they had what they needed when they needed it. Always preparing for the future. My parents followed along the same path and are doing well, now moving into their eighties.  They instilled the same belief in me but the ’90s happened and so did my debt. Fortunately, I learned the lesson crawled out from under the debt burden and have since been self-employed and enjoying life.

As mentioned, long term preparation can be quite overwhelming. The first and most important step I learned is “to just get started”. I have such a “peace of mind” in knowing that I have a plan to survive any situation as well as a plan to be financially free.

It is my sincere hope and desire that the information found throughout our site, will help guide and assist you in your own efforts to be prepared and survive any situation.